Zviad Kordzadze will open a chateau in Kakheti in 2025

Lawyer Zviad Kordzadze’s company “Barbales Marani” is building a chateau in Kakheti. The company started working on the project in 2023. As Zviad Kordzadze states in “Business Partner”, the chateau will be ready to receive the first guests in the autumn of next year.

The project will be implemented in Ujarma and its investment value is more than ₾0.5 million.

As for the concept, the base of the chateau will include a wine cellar, as well as vineyards, a tasting area, cottages and more.

“Construction of the chateau is one of the main priorities of our company, which we set as our goal. The project is still in the initial stage, active work is underway and we will open next year. In 2025, we will have the harvest at a new location. The chateau will become a part of a unified tourist center, where visitors will be offered maximum comfort. There will be both wine and production. We hope that the location, which is close to Tbilisi, will contribute to the popularity of the chateau. Users will be able to see, explore and return to the tourist object in one day, but at the same time, there will be a possibility of accommodation. We are now starting to build some cottages. We think it will arouse interest among local and foreign tourists alike. Our potential customers are all those who are attracted to a comfortable rest in nature”, – says Zviad Kordzadze.

As for the location area of the tourist facility, it covers an area of 3 hectares.

“Barbales Marani” was created by a famous lawyer in 2014. The winery is located in Shindis, where up to 3000 bottles of wine are poured per year. “Barbales Marani” currently produces 8 types of wine. Among them, it includes such outstanding species as the Otkhani safer, Tsitska-tsolikauri, unarmed, Khikhvi and Khvanchkara.


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