The restaurant “Rdzlebi” Located in Terjola, will Reopen in May

restorani rdzlebi

Keto Futuridze, co-founder of “Rdzlebi,” shared with “Business Partner” that the renovation is supported by a 21,000 GEL grant from the European Union. Alongside the restaurant, an artisan shop called “Rdzani” will also open, both housed within Keto Futuridze’s historic 200-year-old Imeretian Oda-house.

The grant funds were primarily used to develop the restaurant’s outdoor kitchen, including the purchase of new kitchen equipment and the installation of a traditional Georgian tone oven.

Futuridze mentioned that with the upgrades, the restaurant will now operate year-round, expanding beyond its previous spring-to-autumn schedule. “Rdzlebi” aims to attract both foreign tourists and local visitors, actively collaborating with Georgian and international tourism agencies. Last year, the restaurant welcomed guests from 11 different countries, including the USA and various European nations.

The restaurant specializes in local Imeretian cuisine, reviving forgotten recipes such as “Kvahikela” and “Tztkarkali,” some sourced from gastronomic notes by Ivane Javakhishvili and others rediscovered in Imeretian villages.

“We’re gearing up for the new season, and the demand has already surpassed our expectations,” Futuridze stated. This popularity prompted the decision to expand. The restaurant can now accommodate 60 diners across its indoor and outdoor spaces. The dishes served are prepared using vegetables grown in the restaurant’s own garden, and the bread for sandwiches is baked from organic wheat.

The accompanying store will focus on promoting local products. It will feature homemade chocolates by local entrepreneur Mariam Minadze and other natural food products like Adjika, Churchkhela, Tlapi, and Chireuli, aiming to empower local female entrepreneurs and enhance the visibility of their goods.

Futuridze notes that the homestead spans 3000 square meters, with the vegetable garden recently expanded to 900 square meters to ensure all vegetables used are home-grown and natural.

“Drzlebi” first opened in July 2023 as a seasonal establishment and is transitioning to year-round operation following the expansion.

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