“Chateau Atene” plans to add cottages to its tourist complex

shida qartli

“Chatto Aten” is also planning to add cottages to its tourist complex. As the owner of the company, Soso Vanishvili, told “Business Partner”, 2 new cottages are planned to be added in the future.

“We opened our family restaurant on January 1, which was created mainly for guests who come to our cellar and cottages. Before the cottage, there was only a cellar, where guests came and tasted and returned. The issue of accommodation and food has been resolved for all our guests, which makes us very happy. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner to visitors, we can accommodate 40 people in winter. Until now, we could not get more than 15-16 users. Now we have more opportunities. We are also adding cottages and from March we will be represented by 5 active cottages. So far we are working on three. We will observe the trend, whatever demand will arise, and we will gradually increase the number of cottages according to this,” Soso Vanishvili says.

According to his information, the family hotel will employ 3 people. During the active season, “Chateau Aten” employs up to 25 people. As for the rates, the accommodation fee in the cottage is 200 GEL per day. The investment cost of the project is 220,000 GEL.

For information, “Chatto Ateni” is located in the Ateni valley in Gori municipality. The family winery was founded in 2016. In 2020, it received the award for the best small winery of the year in Georgia.


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