Anaklia’s Golden Fleece Hotel Listed for Sale at 15 Million GEL


The Golden Fleece Hotel in Anaklia is on the market with a price tag of 15 million GEL, as per the listing on

This property, encompassing a swath of land spanning 52,929 square meters, boasts a nine-story hotel structure made of reinforced concrete and housing 106 rooms.

Facilities within the hotel complex include both an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, a bar-restaurant, and a yacht club. The hotel also comes furnished with an inventory of moveable assets, detailed in an accompanying annex. It’s noted that any restrictions and encumbrances currently on the property will be cleared upon transfer of ownership to the buyer.

The auction for the Golden Fleece began on April 18th and is set to conclude on April 22nd.

It’s worth noting that the “Okros Satsmis” hotel, also situated in Anaklia, is operated by “Sani” LLC.

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