The founder of “Tsomi” will open a new tourist facility in Tetritskaro

Frozen dough production company “Tsomi” is planning to open a new tourist facility in Assyria. As the founder of the company, Nikoloz Sarajevi, told “Business Partner”, after the restaurant “Chef Sarajefi” located in old Tbilisi, a new space will be created with a completely different concept and aims to develop the tourism sector in the region.

“The creation of a new facility will be mainly focused on out-of-town events. Tetritskaro municipality, Asureti village. The main focus is the kitchen. In this regard, the municipality has great potential and is quite interesting in terms of gastronomy. In our village, animal husbandry is developed at a fairly high level, next to it is the village of Koda, which is famous for poultry farming. There is also fishing, vegetable production and others, there is a great potential to turn all this into a gastronomic service and bring it to the customers, we expect that the new project will generate a lot of interest from the public,” says Nikoloz Sarajev.

As for the main line of “dough” – the production of frozen dough, according to Sarajevi, the demand is increasing year by year. The competition has also increased, although the company is trying its best to maintain the niche of natural products, thereby establishing itself in the market in due time.

“We started with khinkli dough, but at the moment we are making ten products of different names. In addition to khinkli dough, we also offer our customers dumplings, entrees, pancakes, Adjarian khachapuri, pizza, achmi and so-called vareniki dough. We have presented quite a large assortment. In the cooking of different countries, there is a practice of simplifying the preparation of complex and demanding dishes. We started for this purpose. We were the first in the market, but then several new entrepreneurs appeared. Our niche is different in that we use only natural ingredients and we will keep this line until the end”, says Nikoloz Sarajevi.

According to him, the dough is prepared in the enterprise using special equipment. Each package contains 10 600 gram plates of different sizes, the price of which is within 5-6 GEL.

“Tsomi” brand store is located on Kutaisi Street in Tbilisi. In addition, Nikoloz Sarajevi’s parallel business is the restaurant “Chef Sarajevi”, which operates on Gorgasli Street in Old Tbilisi.

The catering facility is designed for up to 40 guests. According to Sarajevi, the interior of the restaurant is decorated with old things from his own house in such a way that the original appearance of the antiques was preserved. About 80% of “Chef Sarajefi” customers are foreign tourists.

For information, the company “Dough on the market” was founded in 2017, and 2 years later, in 2019, the restaurant “Chef Sarajefi” was created.

The company employs 10 people. As for the investment made, Nikoloz Sarajevi cannot specify and states that family items and part of the infrastructure were largely used in the production, thus significantly reducing the investment cost.

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