“Georgia has the resources to compete with leading countries in terms of medical tourism”

Medical tourism has the potential to become one of the main sources of Georgia’s income, Irma Daushvili, the managing partner of Nunisi Resort, told BusinessPartner.

According to his information, the number of vacationers coming to the country for treatment directly depends on the increase in tourist flows. Accordingly, the increased tourism figures in 2023 reflected the balneo tourism as well, and the sector saw minimal, but still, growth.

“In Georgia, it is possible to treat or prevent all those diseases that affect many people all over the world. Among them – gastrointestinal, joint, overweight, skin problems. In addition, recently, they often come to Georgia for hair transplantation and in-vitro fertilization. Accordingly, Georgia has the resources to compete with the leading countries in terms of medical tourism,” said the managing partner of the Nunisi resort.

As for the hindering factors that hinder the development of medical tourism in Georgia, faulty infrastructure, lack of awareness and shortage of personnel – these are a small list of challenges that Irma Daushvili points to.

“I think that, first of all, it is necessary to conduct an active marketing campaign so that Georgia is known not only as the homeland of wine, but also as a country with a lot of natural resources in the balneo direction. It is especially important to increase awareness in European countries, from which almost no visitors visit the balneo resorts of Georgia today, and the majority of visitors are from post-Soviet countries. Until now, infrastructure remains a challenge – most of the mineral waters are located in high mountain regions, where there are still infrastructural and logistical problems. However, for example, in Nunis, works in this direction have been started for several weeks, and we have great hope that soon we will have a proper infrastructure”, explained the managing partner of “Nunis” resort. According to him, it is very important that at least the access road infrastructure to all the resorts is in order.

We remind you that there are approximately 280 resort places in Georgia, of which more than 60 are balneo resorts. The country also has about 2000 mineral waters.


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