Zestaponi Road enables to travel from Tbilisi to Batumi in 3.5h


Georgian Infrastructure Minister Irakli Karseladze on Friday said the nine-kilometre Zestaponi Bypass Road enabled drivers to travel from the country’s capital Tbilisi to western city of Batumi in three and a half hours.

Built in compliance with international safety standards, the Zestaponi Bypass Road allows drivers to travel on the country’s international East-West Highway to avoid entering the busy western city and instead use the road joining the E60 road at the Argveta junction.

The new road will relieve Zestafoni [western city of Georgia] from transit traffic and reduce the time of travelling on the highway. In addition, appropriate procedures are already underway for the establishment of a passenger service centres near the new main road, where spaces will be provided for the traditional fast food establishments of Zestafoni”, he said.

Karseladze said 276 km or 64 percent of the East-West highway had already been opened for traffic movement, adding construction works continued on the 66.1 km section of the highway, with the Minister highlighting the importance of ongoing works on the remaining sections of the road, which he said would play a “turning role” in development of the entire Rikoti Pass Main Highway between the eastern and western parts of Georgia, and the East-West corridor of the country.

The Minister extended his gratitude to international partners, the Asian Development Bank, the Roads Department of the country and all individuals involved in this “important project”, while also pointing out the experience gained by Georgian specialists.

The official also said the Government was building “modern communication for a better future of Georgia” adding there were “many more large-scale and successful projects” ahead while commenting on the Kvesheti-Kobi tunnel, the longest in the country built to facilitate reduced travel time on the domestic North-South Corridor, opened on Tuesday.


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