Visa-Free Travel to China for Georgian Citizens to Start on May 28

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Starting May 28, 2024, Georgian citizens will be able to travel to China without a visa for up to 30 days. This development follows the completion of the necessary procedures for a bilateral agreement on visa exemption signed on April 10, 2024, between the governments of Georgia and the People’s Republic of China.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Aleksandre Khvtisiashvili, and the Chinese Ambassador to Georgia, Choi Tsien, confirmed the activation of the agreement during a recent meeting where the official note was handed over.

This visa-free arrangement marks a significant milestone in the strategic partnership between Georgia and China, fostering stronger political, economic, and cultural ties. It aims to enhance bilateral relations and capitalize on the potential for increased tourism, cultural exchange, and economic cooperation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia highlighted the visa-free regime as a pivotal step towards deepening the connection between the two nations, enhancing people-to-people contact, and strengthening tourist, cultural, and trade-economic relationships. Georgia has already been permitting visa-free entry to Chinese citizens since September 11, 2023, and the reciprocal agreement by China reflects a mutual commitment to closer ties.

The announcement comes as both countries look to fully leverage the opportunities presented by their strategic partnership established last year.

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