“our store has the widest selection of wines from the small wineries”

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“Our store has the widest selection of wines from the small wineries – products from all over Georgia are presented”

  Since 2019, the first store of the “Brand Wine” has been operating in Vake, Tbilisi, on Mtskheta street 48/50.   Since 2022, a branch of the store has been opened in a few meters from the central path of the Saburtalo road. 

  The Brand Wine store, located at Tamarashvili, 4a, is much larger and for lovers of alcoholic beverages, the selection of products of different types, collected in such a space, is a great comfort.

  In the future, it is planned to open a third branch of Brand Wine in Old Tbilisi. 

  Giorgi  Chkhaidze (owner of the Brand Wine chain of stores and the Wine Palace hotel):

 Both the first store and the second have the largest selection of wine in Tbilisi.   In fact, products are presented from all over Georgia and this range is constantly growing.   There are about 1800 types of wine in our store, and in this sense no one can compete with us.   This includes both factory and small winery products, vodka, liqueur, brandy, champagne, cider.   Both bottled wine and the products of small wineries are popular among the population.   We do not work on consignment terms, but purchase products for sale directly from the manufacturer.   Prices for drinks start from 12 GEL and go up to 150 GEL.   So here people can find a drink for every taste.

  Previously, we had a tradition and systematically held tasting evenings.   During the Covid pandemic this was no longer possible and we temporarily canceled the events.   Now we are going to continue this tradition again.   Next to the store on Mtskheta Street there is a large space, where on May 18 the first wine tasting and knowledge evening of this season will be held.

We will probably have such meetings two or three times a month.   At tasting evenings, I and the founders or representatives of the company whose products we represent meet guests directly.   Everyone will have the opportunity to find out more detailed information about the production of the drink during a conversation.

 It should be noted that I do not import wine from abroad, I focus only on Georgian products.   I have great respect for small family wineries in Georgia, with whose representatives I am friends and at the same time cooperate.   Their natural wines should be known to as many people as possible; I recommend everyone to try these drinks and like that try to promote small wineries.

  Guests coming to Georgia often express a desire to directly become acquainted with the winemaking process, with the help of our organization and guides, so they visit small family cellars of famous winemakers.

  The number of family-owned wineries has increased over the past year.   Such people need more support and assistance from the government and the private sector.   This is a necessary and promising step for our country, for the economic progress and advancement of Georgia. 

  Recently, women winemakers have appeared on the scene and are exporting their products to Europe.   We started cooperation and at my hotel “Wine Palace” a tasting of the products of 3 such companies has already taken place.   They produce organic wines, they have great potential and we are excited to continue supporting women winemakers in the future.


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