Hill Inn will meet the summer season with a renewed space – an investment of $500,000

Hill Inn, a premium camping site for lovers of glamping (a house set up in a wild environment) in the mountain village of Dandalo in the mountainous Adjara, will host its guests in a renewed space this year. Maya Verdzadze, co-founder of “Luxury Camping” Hill Inn, announced this to “Business Partner”.

According to his information, the rehabilitation project includes the addition of new rooms, pools and a restaurant, the investment cost of which is half a million dollars. At this stage, the hotel has 5 rooms and can accommodate 16 people.

Maya Verdzadze also talks about the growing demand for camping and states that the “hotel tree” is very popular among vacationers. Actually, it is the most natural and comfortable living environment.

Demand for camping services created during the pandemic increased by 20% in 2023. Verdzadze thinks that with the rehabilitation project it will be possible to increase this figure to at least 50%.

As for the segment, foreign and Georgian customers visit the hotel equally. As the co-founder of Hill Inn points out, most requests come from Arab countries, especially Dubai. In addition, the vacationers include citizens of Belarus, Ukraine and several European countries, including Poland and Germany.

“We started the renewal process before the summer season. We are changing absolutely everything. The change will affect both the interior and the exterior. We will add a pool, which every room will have individually, and in the summer season we will meet the guests in an already renewed environment. We will finish the works at the end of May. Our accommodation facility is located in the forest, surrounded by greenery, the area where the tents are now located is bordered by trees.

In general, camping as a tourist destination has developed quite a bit in Georgia. “Today, several such facilities are already functioning in Adjara, although we are the first to introduce this service in the region,” says Maya Verdzadze.

FYI, Hill Inn opened in May 2020 and is open all year round. The hotel also includes a cinema, a library and a spa area.

About 15 people are employed in the tourist facility. 4-5 additional people will be employed from the summer season.


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