Grapes Grown by Herbal Extracts – Giorgi Aladashvili

biodynamical farm in Ruispiri, produces biowine in the village of Ruispiri, Telavi District.

The company founder and director Giorgi Aladashvili launched biodynamic winegrowing in 2014. He owns vineyards  in Switzerland and Georgia. Giorgi Aladashvili has arranged vineyards on 2 hectares and plans to expand the space to 5 hectares.

This is a unique experience, because the businessman applies  biodynamical methods, sprays grapes without chemicals, uses extracts of boiled oak crust, willow, nettle, horse-tail, onion leaves, lily. He uses a horse as workforce. He uses harvested grapes in Qvevri to make wines by traditional method.

The businessman does not use agrochemicals. In the course of time, pesticides damage vine, the wine loses its taste and pesticides also pollute soil, he said.

I have studies biodynamical treatment of land in Switzerland, but our ancestors used to also use this method, while today this method has been replaced by modern industry, Giorgi Aladashvili said.

Having returned to Georgia, Giorgi cultivated ancestral land plot in the village of Ruispiri and arranged vineyard there.

“If the soil and vine are not strong, the vintage will fail. If a winegrower makes something invaluably and violates the chain of winegrowing, grapes lose due quality and aroma. The more naturally I grow vine without agrochemicals, the higher quality product I will receive. Many farmers think that they will not receive valuable harvest without adding agrochemicals to the soil. My objective is to prove that the good harvest may be received without any chemicals, by use of only natural and bio supplements. If a winegrower does not control soil humidity in the vineyard and does not contact with it every day, twelve spraying of agrochemicals will not bring results”, Aladashvili noted.

I sell my wines in bio stores in Switzerland, he said.

Currently, the company produces several varieties of wines, including 75% are sold in Switzerland. «This year we have exported our products to Switzerland for the first time. Negotiations were conducted, tasting was held and in the near future bio wines will be exported to France too. I produce about 7 000 bottles of wine a year. This is a bio certified wine – Saperavi, Kisi, Kakhuri Green, from mixed old vineyards, empowered wine. All these products are sold under the brand of BioWine. I also produce Chacha. My wine cost is at least 70 EUR in Switzerland, Aladashvili noted.

The young businessman plans to activate sales on Georgian market too. This will prove Georgia is able to produce high-quality wines, he said.

The young entrepreneur explains the advantage of biowine in this way – «I can explain this very simply – I will offer pills with the taste of barbecue and I will also offer genuine barbecue – which one will be more tasteful? Grapes grown on grass extracts are more tasteful and purer».

In his interview with the Travel News, Giorgi Aladashvili also unveiled future plans and noted that he is building a new wine cellar near his vineyard, as a part of Ruispiri Biodynamical Vineyard,  which also unites grain fields, Kakhetian pig-breeding farm and beekeeping. Wild fruit jams, dried fruit and Churchkhela are also made here, he noted.

Aladashvili says that Georgia owns huge potential for development of winegrowing and winemaking. As to Qvevri wines, it is beyond competition on domestic and international markets. This sort of wines are indemand products worldwide.

«Biodynamical vineyards should be arranged and biowine production should be launched in Georgia. They make good-quality products, but similar products are met in huge volumes worldwide. Qvevri wine is our key advantage and Georgia should develop this direction», Aladashvili noted.

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