Georgia’s capital Tbilisi hosts natural wine festival-Zero Compromise

natural wine festival

Georgia’s capital Tbilisi is hosting the two-day natural wine festival – Zero Compromise, with about 100 local and 25 foreign wineries, including from France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Japan, Australia and Slovenia, participating in the event.

Photo via National Wine Agency of Georgia

The annual festival, organised with the support of the Natural Wine Association and the National Wine Agency of Georgia, aims to increase awareness of Georgian natural wine and promote the growth of its export to the world markets, the Agency said.

The event presents the wines made only in the traditional and natural way, without the use of mineral fertilisers, herbicides and other additives, and hosts wine importers, journalists, writers and other industry professionals from different countries.

Photo via National Wine Agency of Georgia

In his comments, Levan Mekhuzla, the Chair of the National Wine Agency highlighted the importance of the festival by saying it served to present the history, culture and traditions, and the modern state of Georgian wine, as well as increase the consumer culture and promote the development of wine tourism in the country.

The two-day festival will include seminars by the acclaimed American journalist and author Alice Feiring, the Danish importer Sune Rosforth and Spanish sommelier and oenologist Nuria Renom.

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