“Attracting tourists is still a challenge for us” – Aragvi Hut

Aragvi Hut, a cottage in Aragvispir, will start its active season from mid-March. As the company’s co-founder, Tako Chachua, told Business Partner, cottage-type vacation facilities have been very popular recently, which has also been reflected in demand.

According to his information, the tourist facility was occupied by 60-70% last year, and this year it plans to improve this figure significantly.

Guests visit the cottage mainly on weekends, however, the approach changes and in the spring-summer season, Aragvi Hut will offer a long-term holiday service to its users.

“It’s spring and since the first week of March, the number of people wishing to relax in the cottage has increased. We will be working actively from the middle of the year. The main workload comes on non-working days, if the number of bookings in the middle of the week can be 20% in total, on weekends the rate reaches 80%. We have almost all segments. “The interest is quite high. When we started the construction of the cottage, we wanted it to be of a different concept, the large space allows for this. The interior is different from a typical cottage, it is actually a perfect house, with all the equipment necessary for comfort,” says Taco Chichua.

According to his information, at this stage most of the vacationers are local residents. At the same time, they try to attract tourists as much as possible, which is still a challenge.

“If we consider the category of vacationers, the lack of foreign tourists is obvious. I cannot tell you what could be the reason for this, this year we will try to strengthen the marketing side in this direction as well, so that the difference is more or less balanced”, says Tako Chichua.

According to him, the highest number of reservations in the cottage is recorded during the New Year period and then already in the summer, and February is the most passive.

FYI, Aragvi Hut was founded in 2022. The investment of the project amounted to $40,000.


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