After the opening of the Sukhumi airport, occupied Abkhazia is expecting 1 million tourists a year


Occupied Abkhazia plans to receive at least a million tourists every year after the opening of the Sukhumi airport, although the hotel base is not designed for such a volume of tourist traffic, said Yevgenia Konkol, president of “Spectrum Group”.

“In one year, the airport of (occupied – ed) Abkhazia will be put into operation. The contract has already been signed. According to the plan, the annual passenger flow of the airport should be 1 million tourists. In my opinion, the main problem is that there are no hotels there. There is nowhere to accommodate these million tourists,” he said while speaking at the strategic meeting of the Russian Tourism Industry Union (RST).

As is known, Russia and the occupied Abkhazia signed an agreement in SPIEF on the reconstruction of the Sukhumi airport, which was closed in the early 90s.

The works on the reconstruction of the airport will be carried out in two stages at the expense of the private investor. According to preliminary estimates, the cost of the first stage of reconstruction will be 6.5 billion rubles. If the project is completed on time, the airport plans to resume operations in the fourth quarter of 2024.

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